Shkodra Kolping Center, was built in October 2002, it is part of the International Kolping Society. It is the only of its kind in Albania.
Its activity is at the service of the community and through this center financed various social projects.

Training Courses

Donegal Kolping Center part of the “International Kolping Organization” of
Founded in 1846 and extends to 62 countries, with several years experience in the field of training and education, the new season starts
studies in the fields:

– Accounting / Alpha Program (Certification by IMB)
– Plan and control business
– Management of the nonprofit sector (NGOs).

Foreign language
– English
– Italian
– German
– French

computer science
– Knowledge of the original computer
– Knowledge of advanced computer
– AutoCad
– Build page (web page)
– Photography and photoshop Course

– Guitar

Develop modern teaching methods interactive.
At the end of the course, trainees receive certificates approved by the Ministry of Labour. Recordings are made every day at Kolping Center clock 09:00 to 13:00


The premises of the training courses

For the formation of the youth, the center has available four classrooms, a computer room and a reading room. Courses are developed; foreign languages ​​and computer.
These facilities are equipped with (video projector, TV, video, PC and Wireless Internet, photocopying and tape)

Bar facilities -it

Bari with comfortable facilities, traditional menu, capacity 150 seats, air conditioning, aspiration system and TV with satellite antenna, wireless Internet.

The Centre has room for meetings and conferences, basketball, ping-pong.
The hotel

Other services provided by this center is the hotel with 6 rooms; two singles and four doubles (with separate beds) .Mëngjesi is included in price
Rooms are equipped with:

Air Conditioning
Phone Urban
TV with local and satellite channels
Wireless Internet
The hotel has parking for car, motorcycle and bicycle.

Payment can be made with credit card as;

Visa electron,

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