Kolping Youth Albania has continuously organised professional courses and is involved in various social projects, focused on assistance to the elderly, support to blood feud victims and poor families.

The main event is the photo competition “Bojna – Bojna”, which is the sixth edition of the “Shkodra through the Lenses” photographic expo series, organized by Kolping, in cooperation with the Shkodra District, Renovabis Acli-Ipsia in Albania. It aims at motivating young artists committed to visual arts as well as fundraising for groups in need and heightening public awareness about specific issues.

“Bojna – Bojna (colors)” is the theme behind this exhibition/competition. Photos aimed at reflecting social diversity in Albania.

RadioPulla Online Streaming
A social web radio broadcast project that links people, vital ideas, and important information.
Being innovative and fresh sounding, employing modern broadcasting production strategies and maintaining high-standards. The ultimate goal will be to create a signature programme with a modern face, to which the public can easily relate.
Building a strongly social and civic radio program aimed at representing a public of diverse cultures, ages and background, serving as a loud voice that heightens public consciousness, broadens debate on critical social issues and encourages civic participation.
Being a non-profit broadcast media project, aimed entirely at giving a social and cultural contribute.
Presentation /Training Sessions for recruiting youth members in Kolping Youth group.
First presentation took place at Kolping Shkoder 23 october 2010.
Total number of participants 18.
This type of Presentation /Training will be done periodically every 3 months.

Date of implementation: 5 dec 2010
15 students for a total of 40 hours of training.
Context of Non-Profit Organizations.
Self-managing and personal resources.
Management Team.
Management processes.
Employment conditions and standards;
Terms of financing / contracting by the European Commission

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